United States – President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address yesterday was the setting for numerous pockets of protests throughout the United States. The activists are asking the president to pursue a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and also to do much more to end Israel’s attacks in Gaza.

Boston and LA Streets Blocked

Boston and LA roads were literally blocked by protesters. Around 50 arrests occurred in Boston, as mentioned by some activist groups and the local media, as reported by Reuters.

Followed by the speech of Biden, over 50 people were outside the White House, and officers temporarily closed the closest road.

“We are here today because enough is enough,” said Ahmad Abuznaid, executive director of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

CAIR Urges Action on Palestinian Rights

CAIR announced that the speech was Biden’s “best and perhaps last chance” chance to take meaningful action to improve the lives of Palestinians in Gaza and attract the support of Americans who are mostly Arab, Palestinian, anti-war, and disappointed with his handling of the Palestinian issue.

Top-ranking members of the American administration hinted at this beforehand, saying that the American president would be talking about his plans to build a seaport in Gaza and centralize the humanitarian aid shipments through it.

A couple of hours before the speech, the U.S. Capitol was surrounded by an ordinary searching wire fence that was common before the usual Annual Visit of the President in both houses of Congress.

Capitol Surrounded

With a Palestinian flag flying from a Congress office, there were protesters standing at the intersection chanting, “Stop the War,” with some youngsters wearing the keffiyehs, the traditional Palestinian scarf.

Biden won Democratic nominations on Super Tuesday, but Minnesota and six others gave ticket-cancelling votes for his strong Israel backstory. Michigan Republicans showed up outside the governor’s office last week.

Political Dynamics

The Democratic members of Congress were expected to sport pins with the word ‘ceasefire’ at the State of the Union as a show of solidarity. More centrist Democrats argue that the president should take harsher actions to improve the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Congresswoman Cori Bush I who represent the state of Missouri will accompany Intimaa Salama, a graduate student who is a Palestinian dentist, from St. Louis University.

During the last few weeks, protest rallies demanding a halt to the hostilities have been held in different locations in the U.S., including Biden rallies, campaign stops, and other politicians’ events across the country, as reported by Reuters.

Hours before the speech, the U.S. Capitol was ringed with a high wire fence as is typical ahead of the annual presidential speech to both houses of Congress.