United States – This national Democratic Party aims to spend nearly USD 2 million in eleven states that are not seriously contested by either the Democratic or Republican presidential campaigns. It is identifying particular races, from the US Senate to state legislative races, in the upcoming November elections.

Focus on State Parties and Legislative Races

The Democratic National Committee said the investments will go to state parties in almost ten Democratic- and-Republican states, including Washington and Texas, where down-ballot candidates are unlikely to receive benefits such as campaign visits or advertising at the expense of Democratic President Joe Biden or Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as reported by Reuters.

Weakening Republican Supermajorities

Funds targeting state legislative races in Republican-controlled Indiana and Kansas are intended to weaken Republican supermajorities in the state legislative chambers, the DNC said in a statement on Monday. In the Democratic leaning state of Maryland, the DNC will spend USD 250,000 on campaign people and campaigners for the Democratic US Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks whose seat is seen as critically important for the Democrats to maintain their majority in the Senate.

Specific Grants for State-Level Needs

Most of the grants have been outlined to cover state-level demands. For example, in Minnesota, the DNC is securing the money for hiring two specialists who will focus on people who live in rented apartments since it can be challenging to identify them. For instance, a USD 40,000 grant for Nebraska, which hosts one of the most competitive U.S. House of Representatives races, will fund a rural organizer, New USD 70,000 for South Dakota to boost Native American voter registration.

Fundraising Comparisons

For most of the 2023-24 election cycle, Democrats have been able to raise more money than Republicans and Biden campaign had more money at its disposal as the campaign kicked off in May. Still, Trump, with the Republican National Committee, announced last week that they had collected USD 141 million in May that has doubled of the previous month after the donations which poured in after Trump’s felony conviction, as reported by Reuters.