Essential Knots For Bushcraft And Prepping

Firstly, some of the terms used in knots for bushcraft 

These are the generally used terms for the various parts, you will need to know these before you begin to tie knots.They are pretty straightforward though.

Below are some of my favourite knots that I tend to use the most.  These knots can be used as stand alone fixings, or combined with other rope to form a more effective or stronger fixing.

It is essential to practice and learn your knots for prepping and survival purposes.  So the knots I use are the very simple ones..!  Which, I think are the most effective and easiest to master quickly.​

One thing to remember though:
There are several knots for bushcraft that are the exactly same, but they have different names and would not be known to someone else as this name even though it is identical.  

This can differ from country to county, and in the UK, it can even differ from county to county.
I have even seen the same knot with a different name being used by different sports – i.e: Fishing, climbing, hiking etc.

However, below are the essential knots for bushcraft you should know, regardless of their names.

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