How To Prevent Your Dog From Being Snatched And Stolen When Out And About

As a prepper it is easy to see the benefits of having a dog, both as a companion and for added protection. But what would happen if that dog was stolen, never to be seen again? Could you prevent dog theft of this type?
Unfortunately dog snatching is becoming a major concern here in the UK, up a staggering 170% from 2019.

A high proportion of these thefts are from right under their owners nose! When out and away from their home. So would you know how to prevent you dog from being snatched and stolen when out and about?

As a result of the sharp rise in demand for dogs, puppies in particular, during the Covid pandemic, and the subsequent rise in their prices, your average criminal is seeing dog theft as an easy way to make a lot of money. 

Despite various animal protection groups campaigning by putting pressure on the government, these callous thieves still continue. There are, however, some very important steps that all owners should take to help keep their dogs as safe as possible, especially when out, while continuing with the daily routines that keep them all happy and healthy.

Common Sense Rules To Prevent Dog Thefts

  • Do not leave your dog tied up outside a shop, regardless how safe the area seems. You are basically making them a open target for the opportunist thief. 
  • Never leave your dog unattended in a car at any time – not only from a wellbeing perspective, as they can very quickly overheat and die, but thieves can easily smash a window, break into a vehicle and snatch your dog in seconds
  • Avoid letting them off the lead, especially if you are not certain they will come straight back to you. If you have any doubts, simply buy and train them on a long lead, or long line and even more so if you are in an unfamiliar area your in and where your dog can quite easily get lost.
  • Always have an emergency SOS shortcuts to the police and vets on your mobile phone

Safehaus Self Defence Spray and Anti Dog Theft Spray

Essential Requirements To Prevent Dog Thefts

  • Carry an audible alarm device. Test it out with your dog close by to ensure they are familiar with the sound and it doesn’t spook them.  
  • Most definitely carry an identification spray. These sprays will mark the thief with a dye that last for several days and make them easily recognisable to the police.
    Any overspray will also mark the dog and will stay marked for several washes and baths.
    It can also be used as a method to deter a thief. 
  • Be aware of any strangers stopping you and asking you questions about your dog, bending down to stroke them or vehicles cruising around showing an interest in people walking their digs.
  • Use different walking routes each day, with different times of the day.
    If a their knows your time and route them it’s far easier to plan the best place to strike.
    It’s a known fact that some dogs are specifically targeted and then snatched during their walk after being watched for a few days previously.
  • Consider walking in pairs, or groups. Not only is it an enjoyable thing for your dog, you can watch out for each other.
    Even if your distracted, the other walkers are able keep an eye on your dog.
  • Probably the most important owner requirement: Be very aware of your surroundings. Known as situation awareness this is your single best weapon to avoid dog theft.
    Avoid distractions, especially mobile phones on walks. 

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