United States – An Iowa school board has reached a settlement in a lawsuit. The district policy of the board allowed students to request a gender support plan in order to start socially transitioning at school without the permission of their parents. However, the policy was later revoked.

The liability insurance company of Linn-Mar Community Schools will pay the $20,000 to the plaintiffs, Parents Defending Education, a report has it in The Gazette newspaper in Cedar Rapids. The district has reached an agreement, and the announcement has been made today, as reported by The Associated Press.

Many school districts are controversial about transgender students’ issues. In November’s elections, candidates supported by conservative groups such as Moms for Liberty and the 1776 Project that were publicly endorsed had a loss rate of about 70% nationally according to the American Federation of Teachers which the groups disputed.

The Marion Board of Linn-Mar passed a policy in April 2022 that allowed students to have access to the restrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities that matched with their gender identity among other things.

Evolving Transgender Policies

The policy became a national political issue in February 2023 and faced criticism by Mike Pence, the former VP, who subsequently announced his bid for presidential nomination before dropping out in October.

At the time, Pence, in a statement to reporters from The Associated Press, declared that the power of our country comes from the power of families, and we cannot sit by while the radical left tries to brainwash our children under the parents’ noses, he said, as reported by The Associated Press.

As Iowa legislators were reviewing the district’s transgender policies in Iowalimits, the Linn-Mar board also repealed its policy in the March Board. The law of the state now has a provision in the prohibition of the district from giving “false or misleading information to a parent or guardian of their child’s gender identity or intention to transition” gender other than the one that indicated as male or female in the birth certificate, as reported by The Associated Press.

Focus on Future Directions

Despite the fact that in the Linn-Mar district elections, three candidates supported by Moms for Liberty lost, the district’s statement said it “believes the time and resources of the district are better spent looking forward than continuing to defend a lawsuit about a policy that has not been in effect for nearly a year.”