United States – The former head of the Michigan Republican Party, desperately seeking to reclaim her post, lost a critical ruling on Thursday.

The Court of Appeals in Michigan is delaying the order because the lower court noticed that Karamo was being removed.

Karamo was counting on the permission to lead a meeting that was to be held in Detroit on Saturday with the purpose of selecting delegates to attend the party’s national convention, as reported by Associated Press.

Leadership Dispute

The former American Representative, Pete Hoekstra, has been the vice chair of the state Republican Party, sponsored by the national party and the former President Donald Jump; this is the new chair. The meeting has been still planned to take place in Grand Rapids to the same woman who will personally appear there.

However, rather than ease out of the position, Karamo bluntly declares that the congressional members who elected her in the first place violated their own rules. However, a Jan. 6 judge in Kent County said that the “void and had no effect.”

Protracted Disputes

“The order has injected more chaos into the political process,” Karamo’s lawyers told the appeals court. “The order will require a complete change of party administration, as well as cancellation or attempted cancellations of leases, contracts, and other legal obligations, leaving the (party) in further disarray.”

Nonetheless, according to Hoekstra, he is regarded as the “duly elected chair of the Michigan party.”

“It’s time to put this behind us and move forward with the business of electing Republicans in November,” he said Thursday. Trump easily won Michigan’s Republican primary this week over Nikki Haley.

Karamo was removed from the position of authority after protracted disputes in money and strategy matters that lasted for many months. She was a Trump supporter and an ineffective candidate for Secretary of State when she became the new Republican party leader of the state in 2023, as reported by Associated Press.

Intra-Party Dispute Continues

“This is an intra-party dispute that should be resolved through the political process — not court intervention,” Karamo’s lawyers said.