United States – Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia revealed on Friday that he has officially changed his registration to independent, leading to uncertainties about what the senator intends to do next. 

Potential Impact on Re-Election and Biden’s Agenda 

If Manchin had decided to seek re-election in November, he would likely have a very competitive race, having been critical of Democrats and a blocker of much of Biden’s agenda, as reported by The Association Press. 

Concerns Over Partisan Politics 

In a statement, he revealed that over the years, he has watched both the Democrat and Republican major parties abandon their members and the American people in general for political ideology while raising doubts about the safety of the national democracy. 

Lack of Clarity on Future Plans 

However, his announcement was more of a general revelation that came with many point questions. As for his vote, Manchin did not reveal if he would continue to support the Democrats in the Senate who are at the moment only a few counts ahead. And he failed to advise how soon he would be aspiring for another top position in the party, as reported by The Association Press. 

Another attempt to seek clarification from his office for further clarification was not answered as well.