Whether you’re buying for yourself or looking for a gift, a bottle opener keychain is a fantastic idea. This article looks at the best options out there to help you make the right decision. 

A weekend getaway feels incomplete without a few drinks come evening time. There is nothing more frustrating than grabbing a cold one, only to then struggle to find a means of opening the bottle.

Let’s face it. A good bottle opener needs to be a part of your essential everyday carry. I will admit that there are a million other crude ways to open a bottle of your favorite drink. However, resorting to such rudimentary methods to pop open bottles doesn’t look great on the modern techno-savvy man who’s sophisticated and style-conscious.

A good keychain should be a compact tool for easy portability. Besides, it needs to be strong enough to crack open a row of crates of your favorite drinks for a party with friends and family. To crown it all, it also needs to be sleek if it’s to become a treasured addition to your keychain.

We’ll explore the best bottle opening options on the market. Then, if you read to the end, you will see a handy buyer’s guide to help you with your next purchase. 

The 10 Best Bottle Opener Keychain Examples

Whether you’re out with friends, enjoying a weekend hike, or off to an office evening party, the need to crack open drinks is inevitable. So you’d better be prepared with a keyring bottle opener fitting for the task. Unfortunately, there are numerous options on the market, from serious to novelty items. Fortunately, we’ve assembled top-of-the-range keychain bottle openers to choose from.

1. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool
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The simple design shouldn’t make you underestimate this Gerber Shard Keychain Tool.

This is a handy and versatile bottle opener with seven inbuilt capabilities. It can function as a wire stripper, a small and medium flat screwdriver, pry bar, Phillips head screwdriver, a lanyard hole, and of course, as a bottle opener. It’s like a swiss army knife for a pacifist. 

Moreover, Gerber Shard Keychain Tool is TSA compliant making it airline safe and an ideal travel companion. Furthermore, this stainless steel bottle opener is corrosion-resistant and comes with a titanium nitride coating for enhanced protection.

2. Bottle Opener by Tikit

Beer Bottle Opener by Tikit
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With several different bottle opening options, you will be the life and soul of the party, with your ability to open a whole range of drinks. The Bottle Opener by Tikit is a tool you better not be found without, especially as it fits perfectly on your keychain and completes the classic look of a bunch of keys.

Additionally, it’s made of solid steel and will last you a lifetime unless you lose it or give it away as a souvenir. It comes in black and chrome so you can choose your preference, making it one of the best keychain bottle openers on the market.

3. Everyman Porter Key Bottle Opener Keychain

Everyman Porter Key Bottle Opener Keychain
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Step up the Everyman Porter Key Bottle Opener. A multi-functional tool that inconspicuously completes any key chain, giving you ninja-like bottle opening powers as a result.

Disguised as a key, it anonymously blends into your collection of keys. It’s built using upgraded stainless steel, ensuring its enhanced durability, meaning it really can last a lifetime.

Make the Everyman Porter Key Multi-Tool part of your everyday carry and have a dependable bottle opener whenever you want to kick back with a couple of drinks.

4. Geekey Multi-tool

Geekey Bottle Opening Multi-tool
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If you’re looking for a key ring opener that can unapologetically lay claim to being revolutionary, then you need to add Geekey’s Multi-tool to your artillery of EDC gadgets.

The key-shaped multi-tool has a compact and ultra-lightweight design, offering you the perfect combination of features vs. portability. Not forgetting its elegant design, meaning it’s as stylish as it is functional.

It works as a screwdriver, ruler, bit driver, bike spoke key, wrench, lanyard hole, pipe stuffer, and of course, bottle opener. Meaning you can be ready for any eventuality inside the home and out.

It’s also TSA compliant so that it won’t be confiscated at the airport check-in.

5. Recycled Skateboard Mini Bottle Opener

Recycled Skateboard Mini Key Ring Opener

If you’re a sustainability enthusiast (and we all should be), you’ll be glad to know that this odd-looking bottle opener is made from recycled skateboards. Each Recycled Skateboard Mini Bottle Opener is manufactured by hand, and bears the unique styling of non-mass produced goods.

The process of transforming unwanted skateboard decks into great keychain bottle openers takes a measure of creativity. Constructed from a combination of Canadian maple and stainless steel, they are durable as well as stylish. 

What makes this bottle opener even better is how you can customize it to your liking. These bottle openers make great gift items for friends and family, especially beer lovers.

Buy it, and always be ready to crack open your drinks at a moment’s notice.

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6. HANDGREY Grade 5 Titanium H3 Key Carabiner

HANDGREY Premium Grade 5 Titanium Key Bottle Opener
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If you’re looking for a way to keep your load light, look no further than HANDGREY H3 Key Carabiner. At about half the length of a standard-sized key, it’s one of the tiniest keychain bottle openers on the market. But don’t let its small size fool you. It’s astonishingly tough and durable as it’s made from grade 5 titanium.

Lastly, it has a well-thought-out design that’s stylish, making it a handsome workhorse. Have this everyday carry tool in your arsenal, and everyone in the office will be looking for you when it’s party time.

7. TACRAY Compact Titanium EDC Keychain Bottle Opener

TACRAY Compact Titanium EDC Keychain Bottle Opener
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Everyone seems to have bad memories of losing their keys or other essential EDCs. Not anymore with TACRAY’s titanium EDC keychain clip. This compact multi-tool carabiner is crafted with a unique anti-lost design. Buy it, and the history of lost keys will be behind you, forever. 

Now, let’s talk about the bottle opener function of this multi-tool. Made from premium CNC machined Titanium Alloy, this keyring is sturdy, rust-resistant, durable, and will pop bottle tops with ease.

8. CRKT KERT EDC Keyring Micro Tool

CRKT K.E.R.T. EDC Keyring Micro Tool
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The CRKT KERT EDC Keyring Micro Tool is the brainchild of Ray Kirk, an award-winning American blade smith from Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

It’s a small super light multi-functional tool offering high portability and outstanding design. Besides opening your bottled drinks, the tool has an inbuilt seat belt strap cutter, flat screwdriver, and two wrenches.

Take this flashy tool with you wherever and be on standby to pop tops at any stage of the party.

9. FutureRelic EDC Keychain Bottle Opener

Future Relic EDC Beer Bottle Popper

It’s hard to outdo the excellent craftsmanship of the FutureRelic. Each rod that makes up the bottle opener is CNC machined to perfection from solid brass. Geometrically optimized to pop the metal caps from any bottle on the first attempt.

FutureRelic has refined this design over the years. The latest model is the fifth generation built on the back of four impressive and well-received predecessors. Its compact size is another plus as it could easily attach on any belt loop.

Finally, the minimalist design is great for guys who aren’t keen on carrying around flashy tools.

10. TI-EDC Titanium Beer Bottle Opener Keychain Pendant

TI-EDC Titanium Beer Bottle Opening Key Ring Pendant
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The TI-EDC beer opener keychain pendant is a super-strong accessory made from solid titanium. It’s corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic. With an oversized lip on the opener, the TI-EDC Opener offers a firm grip on all metal caps, making it easy to pop open the first time, every time.

This compact item is sturdy and versatile, which is a powerful combination. It might not be packed with features but it can be used for opening beer bottles and even tricky soda cans. What more do you need?

It also comes with a full-year money-back satisfaction guarantee that you’re unlikely to need.

What to Look for When Buying a Keychain Bottle Opener

Before buying any pocket clip accessory, there are several factors to consider. This guide will talk you through those considerations to ensure you don’t rush into an impulsive purchase that you will eventually regret.

The Material Used

Although some parts may be made of timber or plastic, the functional components of a are mostly made from stainless steel or metal. Metals are the preferred materials because they’re strong enough for such heavy-duty work.

Look for a handle that’s comfortable to hold as you apply pressure to pop lots of beer bottles open with ease. Although metallic handles are strong for the job, they can get uncomfortable on the hands after prolonged use.

The Design

Design is a key consideration before every purchase. A stylish design coupled with ruthless performance makes for a fantastic product. Even though the design is a matter of personal taste, there are certain manufacturers whose creative crafting is on another level.


Popping a Beer Bottle

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily attach that opener to your belt loop? Is it small enough to comfortably fit into your pocket with your other small essential carries? If they do, that’s a convenience you’re getting on top of performance.

A highly portable keychain bottle opener will freely serve you in the office, over a weekend hike, or on the road.


Size matters. We all know that. However, with EDCs, the smaller, the merrier… most of the time. Compact keychain bottle openers are easily associated with portability. But size alone isn’t always everything. Some materials are denser than others making even small items heavy for your pockets.


A decent bottle opener will effortlessly pop bottle cap after bottle cap. It serves one purpose. But some can do more. A multi-functional bottle opener that integrates other uses is an effective way to do away with clutter on your keychain. That’s because it offers more functionality and thus reduces the total number of EDCs you’ll have to carry around.

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The price of keychain bottle openers depends on the materials used, design, versatility, and brand. You can expect the more sophisticated keychain bottle openers to cost you more. A higher price tag generally reflects a higher quality product when it comes to gadgets.

Ready to spend? You can get an advanced keychain bottle opener with multiple functions or for the sheer bragging rights. Irrespective of your budget, you can still get good quality tools that offer excellent value for money.

Opening Bottles with Metal Caps

Final Words on Keychain Bottle Openers

Some people don’t think about investing in a keychain bottle opener until the need to use it arises. But, I think we can all agree that is then too late. Having gone through the best keychain bottler openers that offer functionality and elegance in equal measure, you’re now better placed to stockpile on this essential modern-day EDC.

Do you happen to already own one of the bottle openers on this list? How do you find it? Perhaps you have what you consider the ultimate bottle opener and feel we should add it to the list. Let us know in the comments. We’d enjoy hearing all your bottle-opening tales.

Maybe you have even got a story involving unique or unconventional ways you discovered for opening bottles. Let us know; we love hearing your stories. 

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