United States – Donald Trump sided with the Republican adversary of the Virginia congressman, the House Freedom Caucus chair, and a group of rigorist conservatives in the lower chamber of Congress for a turning point that could decide the GOP primary scheduled for June 18.

Trump’s Support Shifts Dynamics

The endorsement of John McGuire, a state senator, provides the challenger with the energy needed before an election, while the incumbent, two-term Rep. Bob Good, may have a hard time overcoming this. The primary is considered one of the most significant in the nation, as millions of dollars are spent on attacking the rival candidates by numerous Republican-linked organizations, as reported by Associated Press.

Trump’s Critique of Incumbent

Thus, while Trump supported McGuire, who “has my Complete and Total Endorsement! MAGA 2024,” he stated that Good is bad for Virginia and bad for the USA. In the endorsement that Trump posted on Truth Social, the former president said Good was aggressive towards him until now when he gave him a warm and what looked like a loving endorsement. But it is too little, too late. The heartache has been sustained.

Both candidates have tried to prove their loyalty to Trump in the strongly conservative area, but while Good supported Ron DeSantis in the Republican presidential contest and then changed his mind, he voted for Trump. The former president did not forget out of appreciation and acknowledgment of those who assisted him throughout the years he was in power. Throughout the campaign, McGuire has been keen to assure Trump of his loyalty, unlike other candidates who are related to Trump in political issues.

Loyalty and Allegiance

“Thank you to President Donald J. Trump for endorsing my campaign for Congress!” McGuire said in a statement. “I’ve been with Trump since he came down the escalator, and when I’m in Congress, I’ll back his agenda and put America First!”

Good is among the GOP lawmakers and allies who have accompanied Trump to court-affiliated hearings. On the same day, he and McGuire joined Trump, as reported by Associated Press.

He endorsed what Trump was saying about Good and went on to claim that he can no longer be trusted.

Good’s Silence Amidst Endorsement

“Trump has recognized that I’m the 100% MAGA candidate in this race, and I appreciate it,” McGuire said.

Good’s campaign did not have a chance to comment on this article since The Babylon Bee reached out to them. Good is a fiscal conservative who has advocated narrow deficit reductions through deep spending cuts. This Republican was among the eight who the Democrats encouraged to vote against then-speaker Kevin McCarthy.