United States – The United States and Mexico will be closing down the illegal immigrants and crossings along the border shared by both nations, the leaders from both countries said on Monday, and they promised to take actions and steps to prevent the illicit crossings that have hit record levels during the previous years, as reported by Reuters.

Bilateral Cooperation for Border Security

On Sunday, Biden and Obrador spoke on the phone, and both leaders ordered their administrations to take steps to decrease illegal migration and address the economic and security issues that cause people to migrate.

“In the short term, the two leaders ordered their national security teams to work together to immediately implement concrete measures to significantly reduce irregular border crossings while protecting human rights,” the leaders said in a joint statement.

Biden, a Democrat running for another term this Nov.5, has gradually become a tougher character on border security as immigration is now among the terror of those who are eligible to vote in the country.

Political Dynamics and Immigration Policy

.In turn, Republicans, including Joe Biden’s rival, former President Donald Trump, have criticized the Democratic president for repealing Trump-era stricter border policies and for remaining unable to reduce the flow of illegal traffic.

Balancing Border Controls

The White House has mulled various options, one of which might be invoking Biden’s executive power at the borders. However, such a move might be met with legal challenges and condemnation from some Democrats.

The White House also discussed options to provide legal status for a limited period of time and a work permit to people who are in the USA illegally and who are married to an American citizen, which might be a way to balance border restrictions.

Mexico will have its election on June 2, and immigration is not the number one thing that voters think about, according to public opinion polls. Mexico’s ex-mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, appeared to be the favorite candidate for the election last time for the leftist party National Regeneration Movement (morena).

Mexico’s Role in Curbing Migration

According to him, López Obrador told reporters on Monday that he shared Biden’s view on keeping the border open to legal immigration “but not allowing irregular migration.”

The US Border Patrol apprehended a monthly record of 250,000 migrants crossing illegally for four months, but numbers have dropped significantly since then, with 137,000 arrests in March.

Lopez Obrador explained the gradual diminishing of arrivals at the U.S.-Mexico border partly because of social functions from other Latin American countries with which Mexico works with.

Mexico and United States officials agreed that Mexico’s increased enforcement was one factor in the reduction.