If sprayed at face level it will completely disorientated the attacker – with the natural instinct for him to back off – if sprayed at the eyes it also cause blurred vision, making an attack even more difficult.
With a 4 metre range there’s no need to get too close either.

With this sprayed into the eyes it is not possible to see what you are doing – wiping it off only makes it worse.

Having tested this on myself, I can assure you it was not possible to do anything other than try to protect myself and my face from the spray.

This Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray is the best UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative to use as it remains on the attackers skin and clothing for up to 7 days – making the police very aware if a potential attack has taken place.

In conclusion, these spray cans are small, unobtrusive and easy carried in a pocket or handbag. They offer real value for money.

That being said, they are a ‘must have’ self defence method for preppers and everyone else, especially at the great price of under £13 for the single spray bottle.

Source link: https://www.ukpreppersguide.co.uk/uk-legal-pepper-spray-alternative-for-self-defence/ by UK Prepper at www.ukpreppersguide.co.uk