What Is The Best
Personal Alarm System
And Personal Safety Alarm For Preppers?

This article is about Personal Safety Alarms. Why you need one and whats available​ to buy.

Regardless of whether you are a male or female prepper, you need to develop an awareness of your surroundings, and an awareness of who and what is around you.
These factors alone will contribute greatly to ensuring you remain as safe as possible at all times. 

Being aware and being able to pre-empt a dangerous situation occurring is your first line of personal self defence.

In a nutshell if you see the risk of a dangerous situation occurring, you must remove yourself from that situation as quickly as possible. 


This could be in ‘peace time’ or a SHTF scenario, where there are people roaming around looking for easy pickings.
If you fight back or are able to alert others to help you then your chances of being left alone are much higher.

But, not everyone is trained in self defence, martial arts or unarmed combat, however, as preppers I would highly recommend you try to learn some self defensive techniques.

Learning one or two basic defence and offensive techniques could help you escape a tricky situation much easier than you think.

See my previous article:  Defence Training For Preppers.

krav maga header

However, it is not always possible to get away from danger, so your next best option is to make as many people aware of your presence as possible.

Noise, and lots of it, will draw attention to you and anyone around you.

If you are in danger then the last thing any attacker wants is attention from others.

By making lots of noise you will get noticed by everyone around you.

In order to attract attention to yourself and what is happening you can also carry a personal safety alarm, personal safety system, rape alarm, noise alarm – call it what you like, but an alarm that make a lot of noise.

This type of alarm is a very effective tool to have in your self defence arsenal.

These tiny, inconspicuous little objects are real mean machines, giving off an ear piercing shrill, guaranteed to get anyone’s attention.

personal defence rape attack alarm

Apart from being mind numbingly load, most attackers will know of these, and realise the fact that the noise will attract onlookers and the attention they really do not want.

Carrying A Personal Alarm
Is Your First Line Of Defence

These devices give out a very high pitched, ear piercing shrill in excess of 120 decibels, some go up to 140 decibels, which is dangerously loud – Don’t Leave Home Without Yours..

personal alarm system chart

The chart above give you some idea of the power of 120+decibels… If exposed to this volume for any amount of time can easily damage the hearing.

Within a closed room the effect becomes even more severe, and I would most definitely not recommend trying one of these indoors.!

In a pure self defence mode, holding one of these and forcing at an attackers ear would cause extreme pain and disorientation.
If held there long enough you would cause damage to the hearing as well.

Now I am a big advocate of ‘don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation in the first place’.
But sometimes this just cannot be avoided as you have to get from A to B.

But, the advantages of ‘being aware of your surroundings’ is so vitally important for your own safety.
Are you one of these people who walk around with your nose buried in your phone..!
Blissfully unaware of anything or anyone around you.?

If you are:

Get a grip and make to effort to be more observant of everything going on around you. 
Not just people, but what they are doing, are they turning up in the same places as you? Have you seen them before?

Observe fire exits and routes of escape and, of course, don’t isolate yourself or take unfamiliar routes.

What Are The Benifits
Of A personal Alarm?

The first thing that strikes you about a modern personal safety alarm is how discreet they are, especially considering the power they put out – the ones shown below measure from 1 1/2″ square up to 3′ x 1 1/2″ and all are able to be clipped to a keychain, handbag or similar.

 There are two basic ways to activate the personal safety alarm – button operated or by a pull string – both work as well as each other, so personal choice really.

Personal alarms are available in various designs, almost a fashion accessory, like the Minder Heart Personal Alarm shown here:

 You can also have the option of an added led torch, which is quite handy if you have the alarm on your keyring.

Without doubt, one of the most attractive points of the personal alarm system is the cost – all the alarms shown here are selling for under £15 , and even less if you buy in packs of three.

A real good bargain for some ‘must have’ kit I think.

* Minder Attack Alarm Video

So it’s quite simple then: carry a personal alarm

Emitting in excess of 125 DB, they are a very good investment, and excellent value for money – most cost under £10
Here’s a short 1 min. video of the ‘Minder’ range to give you an idea of what’s available.

* Buy Alarms Here

Genuine Minder range of personal alarms are Secured by Design Approved (Police Preferred Specification)

Minder alarms have been independently tested by Sold Secure, receiving the Gold Award.

You will not find any other full range of Personal Alarms which have these accreditations.

Minder® 143dB Personal Alarm with Torch – Supplied with Belt Clip, Lanyard and Wall Mounting Bracket

  • Pull Pin Activation
  • Separate Torch Button Feature
  • 143 Decibel Siren
  • The loudest Personal Alarm available in the UK
  • Size (60mm x 70mm x 20mm)
  • The Safehaus Personal Alarm has the new great feature of no pull cord
  • Always armed, no On/Off switch.
  • Simply pressing the sides will activate the siren, and resetting the alarm is done by pushing the bottom of the alarm
  • 120+ dB ear piercing siren
  • Key Ring Attachment
  • * See Full Range Here

    Click For Full Minder Range

    Steve Hart UK Prepper

    As with all self defence, you must be aware of your surroundings, and having a personal alarm that will alert others is an effective way to bring attention to yourself.
    There are also other uses for these alarms, to help prevent theft there’s the Minder Purse Alarm shown here:
  • A very versatile purse/handbag alarm available. Captive pin to prevent handbag from being snatched
  • It attaches to your purse and bag but is much smaller than conventional alarms.
  • One end fastens to your bag and the other to your purse. If someone attempts to steal your purse from your bag by , the rip cord is pulled sounding a 120 decibel siren.
  • Size: 40mm x 20mm x 12mm
  • I have also used these alarms as an early warning system when out wild camping.
    See related video here.

    These is no real reason why you would not want to carry one of these alarms. At under £10, these alarms are so cheap it’s a no brainer really, and everyone should carry one.
    Happy Prepping Folks,  Steve

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