Take some invaluable tips on how to stay hydrated longer in the wilderness in this featured video from Between the Blazes!

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What You Need to Know to Stay Hydrated Longer

1. Where to Get a Safe Water Source for Drinking

It’s getting hot out there, and with heat comes increased risk of dehydration. Heading out to the hills can drain your body of energy and fluids.

But that is necessary because you want the cleanest source of drinking water, which is as far from civilization as could be. And a stagnant body of water is a big no-no!

2. How to Collect Water

When SHTF, you may have no other choice but proceed to a bug out location on foot. So, hiking is a perfect simulation to get yourself ready in case it happens.

One of the most important aspects of hiking is to stay hydrated. Once you’ve found the cleanest source of drinking water, you will need to collect it properly. Filter as many particles and debris out of it as you can.

The video below provides you with all the means and techniques to collect from the source to a container and keeping it clean.

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3. Purification or Treating the Water You Collected

No matter how clear the water looks, harmful foreign entities are invisible to the naked eye. Some survivalists don’t bother at all though and for some reason, they seem to have a better immune system or stamina than others.

Boiling water | How To Stay Hydrated While Hiking [ Video]

We can’t be too sure and if you are to really survive out there, never risk it. There are several ways to treat water and to make sure you stay hydrated.

Here are some of the suggestion to stay hydrated safely which is further discussed in the video:

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4. How to Carry as Much Water with You as You Can

If you are walking to a distant place, then carrying water can be a problem. You can only carry so many water bottles efficiently before they actually get in your way.

But the one thing you want to prevent from happening is dehydration. So, what you do is consider your situation well and these tips from our featured video.

5. Importance of Staying Hydrated

Feeling lost and irritable when hiking? It might be dehydration setting in.

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The benefits of staying hydrated also go beyond the physical aspect. You will also relate to the insights given on the importance of hydration.

6. More Tips for Staying Hydrated

By the end of the video, more tips, and suggestions are shared to help you stay hydrated better. For example, the amount of clothing you wear when out hiking can have an effect on your hydration.

Apparently, talking while hiking takes up a lot of energy too. Thus, you produce sweat and use up much of your water, so let’s go ahead to the video now!

This video from Between the Blazes will further answer your questions on how to stay hydrated while hiking:

You can survive without food for several days but without water? Heaven knows only how long. That is why, in a wilderness survival situation, hydration must be your first priority.

This video with tips, ideas, and guide to stay hydrated can be very insightful and useful for hiking, camping, and a wilderness survival situation.

What do you do to stay hydrated? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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