United States – Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump endeavored to make himself look like the candidate to reckon with by the U.S. economy during a Tuesday rally in Racine, Wisconsin, at the company that has proven to be a major failure, a factory that Trump ceremoniously launched six years ago.

Immigration Policy Critique

The former president also promised to immediately counter an announcement made by the Democratic President Joe Biden today to bring the pathway to the citizenship for the hundreds of thousands of people in the country illegally, as reported by Reuters.

Trump said of the immigration order that only affects some spouses of U. S citizens and some children, “When I am re-elected, Joe Biden’s amnesty plan will be ripped apart and thrown out.”

Trump visited the mostly blue-collar, lakeside city of Racine in 2018 to commemorate what was said to be a USD 10 billion pact with Taiwanese technology firm Foxconn. While in the White House between 2017 and 2021, he used the factory intended for manufacturing TVs as a successful example of his “America First” strategy.

Foxconn Factory: Promises vs. Reality

However, when the initial plans for the factory were laid, Foxconn had expected to generate an additional 13,000 jobs, but now, the number is lowered to around 1,500 jobs. Derelict lots along West of Racine are even connected through empty streets and represent broken, unfulfilled promises.

The company, which the Press failed to get a response from, said earlier that it had altered the strategies because of decreased anticipated demand for the products of the factory.

Trump failed to speak about Foxconn on Tuesday. He declined to comment on low unemployment and wage growth but concentrated on high inflation and mortgage rates that are unpopular with Biden, particularly in swing states such as Wisconsin.

In an impassioned address to a group of people that gathered to listen to him on the shore of Lake Michigan, Trump said, “No one can buy a house anymore. The American dream is dead. Interest rates are too high. ”

Although, Foxconn’s performance has been below expectation, it has given the local and national democrats an avenue to criticize Trump for not delivering on his economic agenda. They are counting on that message in Wisconsin, the state win which is expected to determine the outcome of the Nov. 5 vote.

Local and National Criticism

“We aren’t surprised he doesn’t want to talk about his fake Foxconn ploy or the fact Wisconsin lost tens of thousands of jobs under his failed presidency,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa.

Most polls that were conducted and averaged by polling website FiveThirtyEight place Trump margin ahead of Biden in Wisconsin at 0.2 percentage point, and after the Democrats conceded the state to Trump in 2020, and the two are campaigning full throttle.

Vice President Biden visited Racine last month to campaign for the construction of a USD 3. Three billion Microsoft data center at a site where the Taiwanese electronics maker Foxconn group had planned to construct a portion of its production facilities.

Arguing that Foxconn was nothing but a scam, Biden said: ‘Foxconn turned out to be just that – a con.’

Nevertheless, there are local supporters of Trump now who are ready to forget about Foxconn and some of them in officials’ position openly stated that they are glad that at least some jobs were generated.

Local Sentiment

Anthony Eckman, a 28-year-old job seeker, told the Star that he was let down after realizing that a warehouse job at Foxconn he intended to apply for was nonexistent. But as far as his own pocket, he said it has gotten worse under Biden, and he will be voting for Trump in the upcoming election after not participating in the one before.

“I wish we had better candidates this year, but Biden showed no signs of improving this country, in my opinion,” Eckman said. “I think I’m gonna be voting for Trump this year.”

The Trump campaign, in a statement, focused on Biden, saying that he has failed to control inflation and raise wages.

“Joe Biden’s policies have led to higher prices, lower wages, and a stalled manufacturing industry for American families – and they’ve translated to rock-bottom approval for Biden across Wisconsin,” said spokesperson Anna Kelly.


Trump’s speech came hours after Biden announced a new move to give a chance at legal residency to hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the U. S. illegally with their partners in the country.

Officials stated on Tuesday that Biden’s new plan will be available to about 500,000 partners who have lived in America for over 10 years as per June 17. Other beneficiaries will be about 50,000 children under the age of 21 with a U.S.-citizen parent.

Trump, in his rally, once more equated illegality in immigration with violent crime despite the fact that there is no conclusive proof that illegal immigrants Living in the United States commit more crimes than natural-born Americans.

Wisconsin’s Political Landscape

Racine county is located to the south of Milwaukee and is fairly swingy even by Wisconsin standards. Trump won the county with a vote share of 4% more than the Democratic nominee in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, the county was won by former Democratic President Barack Obama with a very close margin in 2008 and 2012.

A week before, Trump referred to Milwaukee, the location of the Republican National Convention scheduled for next month, as a ‘horrible city’ when addressing Republicans in the U. S. House of Representatives.

When asked about it, his campaign defended him by saying that he was talking about violent crime and other alleged election concerns in the city. On Tuesday, Trump tried to erase doubts that he has any negative attitude toward Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, as reported by Reuters.

“I love Milwaukee!” Trump said at the beginning of his speech. “These lying people, they say, ‘Oh, he doesn’t like Milwaukee.’ I love Milwaukee.”