United States – Donald Trump continued his longstanding tradition of legal challenges on Friday. The criminal case seeks to charge former U.S. Trump with negligence in handling classified documents after he left the White House. His lawyers will contest the appointment of the prosecutor in the case, as reported by Reuters.

Trump lawyers, during three days of hearings, are also expected to oppose the decision to restrain the Republican presidential candidate from making baseless statements about an FBI standard use of force policy, which the bureau attached to documents related to the search of his Florida property for the documents.

Legislative Criticism

Trump’s Republican companions in the legislative branch also criticized the appointing and financing of Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is in charge of a classified documents case and another criminal proceeding in Washington, for attempting to reverse his 2020 election loss.

The proceedings before the U. S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, appointed by former President Donald Trump, in the federal court in Florida will be the first appearance in court of his legal representatives since he was found guilty of 34 felony counts in May this year for falsifying business records in New York.

The US Supreme Court has also yet to issue a verdict on Trump’s assertion of immunity in the election case. He opposes Biden, the incumbent Democratic president, in the November 5 election.

Trump’s legal team will have a hard time trying to successfully appeal against the appointment of Smith. US attorneys general of both the Republican and Democrat presidencies have nominated special counsels, and courts have hitherto dismissed bases for nullifying their appointments, most recently in cases related to Biden’s son Hunter, who was charged with gun crimes this month.

“It has been upheld every time it has come up,” Kel McClanahan, a lawyer focused on national security issues, said of the special counsel authority. “It never works out” for the defense.

Trump, however, has not raised the same challenge to Smith in the election case in Washington, where the judges could not ignore prior rulings in prior cases as to special counsel.


Trump still has several criminal cases pending, including the documents case and two involving his efforts to overturn his election loss on Jan. All three charges have been denied, and he has stated without basis that all those charges are meant to ensure that he does not regain power again.

Trump said in court documents in Florida that Smith lacked the power to make charges since he was not approved by the senators and since his office was not created according to the Congress Act. Trump’s defense also questions the source of funding for the prosecution.

The officials in Smith’s office have refuted the accusations and pointed out that his appointment is legal under previous court rulings.

This is part of an increased direct assault on Smith, an attorney that Trump has mentioned on Twitter to be ‘deranged’ and a ‘thug.’ Smith, a seasoned public corruption prosecutor who prosecuted war crimes cases in The Hague, was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland in 2022 to spearhead the investigations against Trump.

His appointment was to ensure the probes had a perception of anonymity away from the Justice Department under the Biden administration.

Challenging Watts, Trump’s lawyers have sought to dismiss the charges regarding classified documents several times. Cannon has continued to postpone the trial’s commencement, and the case could not be presented to a jury before the November election.

Upcoming Hearings and Statements

It will also examine other matters, including Trump’s attempts to prevent the FBI from using material seized from his Mar-a-Lago residence and Smith’s motion to enjoin Trump from making statements that would harm law enforcement.

The request came from Smith today, which is supposed to be discussed on Monday following Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of having been endorsed by FBI agents to be killed when they searched through his Mar-a-Lago, Florida resort in August 2022.

Garland, who is reluctant to give interviews and has barely commented on the Trump cases, has referred to the statements as “extremely dangerous.”

Cannon has been accepting of Trump’s defense on other matters and hints she might agree with Trump’s reasons against Smith’s appointment as a special counsel, as reported by Reuters.

She has granted three other attorneys besides those representing her client an opportunity to present their cases during the Friday hearing. Out of those, two have submitted their briefs in support of Trump’s stand on the matter.