United States: A judge in Georgia ruled on Wednesday that Donald Trump and the other seven co-defendants in the state of Georgia’s criminal election subversion case have the right to appeal his verdict, where it was determined that Georgia’s prosecutors, including lead prosecutor Fani Willis, be allowed to remain on the case.

Legal Development in Trump’s Election

Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling opened the avenue for the ex-US President Trump and others to raise the question of whether the Fulton County district attorney, Fani Willis, should be disqualified because of her relationship with Nathan Wade, the Fulton County sheriff’s deputy who was dating at the time, as reported by Reuters.

McAfee approved this request for a speedy appeal. In his highest and final judgment, he ruled on Friday that Willis and her office could continue prosecuting the case as long as Wade withdrew, which Wade had already done. However, McAfee said there was an error of “appearance of impropriety.”

Grounds for Appeal

Trump has been nominated by the Republicans to run against Biden’s bid for the November 5th U.S. President race. The ground for an appeal is one more chance for him to hinder the case progress and use the campaign for the election to his advantage. One of four criminal indictments against Trump, who is not guilty in all of them, but portrays himself as a victim of the political persecution, is it.

McAfee added he would be focusing on the other legal issues on appeal from the disqualification argument even while the appeal court ponders whether to entertain his appeal. The date for the trial has not been set yet.

Trial Proceedings

“This is what we trust: that the appellate process will lead to the prosecutor’s disqualification and the case will be dismissed,” Steve Sadow, Trump’s lead lawyer on the case, said in the statement.

A Willis representative did not immediately return a request for comment when asked.

Continued Legal Battles

Donald Trump and the eight co-defendants defended that fancifully, Nicole Willis got monetary compensation since She was in a romantic relationship with Wade, and she prolonged the prosecution for her personal benefit.

Willis has been denying that she had received any kickback, and so far, she has been stating that the relationship could not by any means influence her work as a prosecutor on the felony case, as reported by Reuters.

Trump and 14 other defendants pleaded not guilty to confess to racketeering and other crimes allegedly stemming from the plot to overturn the narrowly defeated President Trump in Georgia in the 2020 elections. Additionally, four other defendants who were co-defendants in the case earlier have been made to accept the agreement produced by the prosecutors.