United States: Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, wanted many large donors to join another Trump re-election fundraiser in New York. It was one of the first times when the press reported Kushner’s work for re-electing his father-in-law.

Political Involvement Resurfaces

Kushner, a former Senate advisor to the ex-president, served in politics until 2021 and then left. He founded the private equity fund Affinity Partners in Miami, as reported by Reuters.

Ivanka trump, her wife of trump, said at the beginning of trump’s third bid for presidency last month of November 2022 that she doesn’t intend to be involved in his campaign and devote her attention to his 3 small kids.

It is not clear whether this is the first time the president’s age is mentioned in the fundraising or whether Kushner will increasingly position himself as one of the key figures in the president’s campaign, which is more organized than in 2016 and 2020, when the family of the president played a greater role.

Fundraising Endeavors Gain Traction

According to two sources Reuters talked to, Kushner, the brother of Trump’s advisor, has been contacting donors recently before a May 14 fundraiser in Manhattan, aiming at helping Trump to struggle with his new presidential opponent, Democrat Joe Biden. Seryl and Charles Kushner, Mr.  Kushner’s parents, serve as among several dozen co-hosts for the event, according to the enclosed invitation.

It is reported that “Kushner initially reached out to a few individuals,” explaining that he wanted to speak without revealing names as it was a confidential matter. Another source told the reporter that Mr. Kushner phoned him, asking him to participate in the fundraiser and providing a list of his other potential donors’ names.

Controversy Surrounding Kushner Associates

Kushner Associates has these countries’ money, such as $2 billion, which the Saudi Arabian government allegedly made.

“Jared supports his father-in-law and is happy to connect the many people who get in touch with him looking to help the campaign,” a spokesperson for Kushner said, as reported by Reuters.

Response and Family Dynamics

The Trump campaign failed to answer the query promptly when approached.

Though Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is an RNC cochair, his five children will be delegates representing Florida in July 2020 at the Republican National Convention. Ivana Trump won’t be in the picture, which seems to be in tune with her declared decision to stay off national politics.