United States—Former President Donald Trump’s campaign visit to Minnesota on Friday will be his comeback to a usually Democratic state, which he has always claimed he could win.

Trump will stop from his hush money trial in New York to attend the Minnesota GOP’s annual Lincoln Reagan fundraising dinner. Tickets start at USD 500 and can go up to USD 100,000 for a VIP table for 10, including three photo opportunities with Trump. The dinner is at the same time as the party’s state convention, as reported by Associated Press.

Chair Emmer’s Loyalty to Trump

Emmer, the new state campaign chair, has been supporting Trump even though the former president and his allies were the ones who were responsible for blocking Emmer’s attempt to become the speaker last fall.

It is not known if the Trump campaign will get any of the money that is raised. The campaign did not reply to an emailed query for comment, and Emmer refused to be interviewed. His co-host for the dinner, the Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann, also did not respond.

Trump’s Persistent Claims of Winning Minnesota

Trump almost managed to win Minnesota and its ten electoral votes in 2016, when he lost by a one-and-a-half-point margin less than Hillary Clinton in a state that no Republican presidential candidate has won since Richard Nixon in 1972. He came back to Minnesota several times in 2020, but Democrat Joe Biden beat him by more than 7% when he tried for the second time.

Nevertheless, Trump keeps on saying he can win in Minnesota. He made a similar boast at a rally in reliably Democratic New Jersey on Saturday.

Trump Campaign Eyes Electoral Expansion

At a private donor retreat in Florida on May 4, Trump campaign senior adviser Chris LaCivita talked about the campaign’s plans to broaden its electoral map into Virginia and Minnesota, according to the growing optimism of the Trump team that both states are within reach.

Trump was seen to be lying about his victory in Minnesota in 2020 during an interview just before Super Tuesday.

Trump’s Assertion of Winning Minnesota in 2020

“Well, I thought we won it last time, I’ll be honest,” he told KNSI Radio in St. Cloud. “And I think we did win it.”

There’s no proof that the 2020 election in Minnesota was marred by any serious irregularities. Several challenges to the results were not solved.

Trump stated that it was absurd to him that no Republican presidential candidate had ever won the state after 1972. I don’t think it’s that blue, he said.

He later vowed: “We’re going to put a heavy move into Minnesota, I promise.”

A possible example of this is the case of the “Phony Guidance” team of existent while on the same person in the same space after a down on the game. Minnesota is known for being the state that had liberal icons like Vice Presidents Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale and Sen. Paul Wellstone, but it also gave the world the shocked fact that it elected the former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura as governor in 1998, as reported by Associated Press. 

Mixed Predictions on Minnesota’s Competitiveness

Some of the experts are divided on whether Minnesota will be competitive this time. There are some who believe that the economy is still a Biden weakness even though the unemployment rate is low and the consumer confidence is rising. The state’s unemployment rate is around three percent, which is far from the national jobless rate of around four percent, due to the strong job and labor force growth with wage growth surpassing the inflation, state officials say.