United States – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, however, does not deny the idea of using detention facilities on US soil if he defends his second White House term, as he told Time magazine in an interview, which was published yesterday.

Trump’s Comments on Detention Facilities

Trump asked whether there would be the creation of brand-new detention camps to fulfill his pledge of going for the massive deportation of those who were illegally in the US, as reported by Reuters.

“I would not rule out anything,” said Trump. He responds by saying, “But there wouldn’t be that much of a need for them,” thus leaving little need for such an organization.

“We’re not leaving them in the country,” Trump said. “We’re bringing them out.”

President Trump has focused bull’s-eye on the U.S.-Mexico border as the most effective tool to oppose President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, the Democrat running for a second four-year term. Immigrants are a number one problem for the voters, as has been revealed by the statewide polls.

Immigration Focus on Trump’s Campaign

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Trump announced that he would partly rely on the National Guard in his planned deportation operation and would not rule out the possibility of including active military forces.

“I don’t think I’d have to do that. I think the National Guard would be able to do that. If they weren’t able to, then I’d use the military,” he said.

Trump was queried on the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which is a law that the military not to be engaged against civilians after the Civil War was over.

“Well, these aren’t civilians. These are people that aren’t legal in our country. This is an invasion of our country,” Trump said.

Controversial Language and Legal Actions

Trump has fallen back on inhuman language when addressing immigrants in the United States illegally, calling them “animals” when referring to their purported crime and branding them as poisons that enter and poison the blood of our nation, a statement that looks unfair and betrays Nazi rhetoric.

In his lustrum, Trump verbally attacks the prosecutors who obtained the four criminal cases against him, which include Manhattan’s district attorney, Alvin Bragg, and Georgia Fulton’s county prosecutor, Fani Willis.

When asked if he would order his future attorney general to consider the legal action against Bragg and Willis, he said it’s “a terrible thing,” but” no, I don’t want to do that.”

Apart from this, Trump was asked about the interview he conducted the previous year, where he said that he wanted to be a dictator for a day to close the southern border as well as to expand domestic energy production.

Trump told Time: “That was said sarcastically. That was meant as a joke.”

Referring to Ukraine, Trump added that in November “I’m going to try and help Ukraine, but Europe has to get there also and do their job.”

Trump has so far indicated obscurity about whether he would still send military assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia, and as a president, will he continue doing so?

Clarifications and Future Plans

Trump said that probably a new two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians – an ultimate point of U.S. foreign policy regarding Middle East – is not viable anymore.

“And I’m not exactly positive anymore, if a two-state solution still work,” the U.S. president added. The two groups of Israelis and Palestinians who was not unfriendly before is now so hostile that create the separation of the two-state almost impossible.

Trump’s Electoral Plans

First, Trump said that he would not “feel good” at all in the event that somebody, Biden, wins the last election, and they are hired to join the new team. Trump still has not stopped to falsify his claim that he was robbed of the 2020 election by fraud because of it, as reported by Reuters.

He said, “If I’m the victor by November, I will serve one more term, and then I’m going to leave.”