Legal Pepper Spray For The UK
Non Lethal Survival Defence

In this article I review the Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray, an alternative legal pepper spray for the UK. This spray is compact and 100% UK legal.

Furthermore it’s ideal for security guards, dog walkers, students, hikers, runners, in fact it’s perfect for anyone who wants that extra peace of mind and protection when out and about.

Carrying an offensive weapon in the UK is taken very seriously by our police and our court judges – so much so that most “weapons” are considered as illegal to carry.
Likewise, UK laws regarding self defence are quite strict for any member of the general public.

This, in turn, means most forms of self defence are practically non existent and extremely limited in the UK, most would say too limited, with not enough protection available for the average UK citizen…

Anyone involved with self defence will always tell you these simple facts –

First Golden Rules Of Self Defence:

  • Never put yourself in a dangerous situation in the first place.!
  • Always be very aware of your surroundings
  • Be aware of people around you
  • Never travel alone, if possible
  • Use different routes to work or home
  • Do not walk along the road texting

UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

So, what can you do to help deter any unwanted attacker legally?

Firstly, when it comes to self defence you are allowed, by law, to use reasonable force proportional to the threat, or perceived threat,  against you.
Simply put, if you think your going to be attacked or are actually being attacked you have a perfect right to defend yourself.

Are you aware of what’s happening around you?

Furthermore, if you have excised proper situation awareness, and you anticipate an attack, then there’s one thing you can use to gain advantage,
That is the use of a UK legal version of ‘pepper spray’ –  this spray deterrent comes within that law.

What about non legal pepper spray?

Of course, there are several other forms of self defence sprays available, used mainly by the police – with Maze or Pepper Spray being the main two alternatives. These are not readily available to the general public within the UK.

pepper spray is illegal in the uk

Police Using Pepper Spray

Why is pepper spray classed as illegal in the UK?

Pepper sprayoleoresin capsicum sprayOC spraycapsaicin spray, or capsicum spray is a compound that irritates the eyes to cause a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness.

Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, temporarily taking away vision. It also causes temporary discomfort and burning of the lungs which causes shortness of breath.

Therefore actual pepper spray is designed to cause the attacker harm: this is considered illegal in the UK.
It also comes under the UK firearms law and is in the same category as a firearm, so we, the general public, can’t use it…

So what are the legal pepper spray Alternatives for the UK?

The only real LEGAL PEPPER SPRAY ALTERNATIVE  for us here in the UK that we have which is a good, effective equivalent to the ‘real’ Pepper Spray found abroad and used by our police is the Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray. 

UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

Advantages Of The Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray:

  • Can be carried by any adult for personal protection
  • This is a non lethal defence spray
  • Contains no chemicals or toxins
  • Spray range upto 4 mtrs
  • This Spray Container is a very discreet size, measuring only 95mm x 36mm and is a good deterrent that is capable of stopping a mugger or attacker in his tracks.

    When it is sprayed at the face it will completely disorientate the attacker.
    Therefore the natural instinct is to back off – when it is sprayed at the eyes it will cause blurred vision, this makes any attack even more difficult.

    UK pepper spray alternative testing

    I have tested this legal pepper spray on myself –  I can assure you it was not exactly a pleasant procedure!

    The results of my test:

    I found it wasn’t possible to do anything much other than attempt to cover up and protect myself and my face from the spray. (see my review video below)

    The next thing I found was: the natural instinct is to try and wipe it off – trust me, this makes things a lot worse.!

    For instance, just imagine the panic factor you have just instilled into an attacker when he looks down and sees he has blood red hands after you have just sprayed him..!?

    farb gel legal pepper spray

    The red spray will remain on the attackers skin and clothing for up to 7 days [in fact I landed up throwing the tee shirt away as it was a pain trying to wash the red dye out!].

     The staying power of the spray dye makes the police very aware of the potential attacker and easier to track down

    This spray has been specifically designed to meet all of the UK legal requirements and is totally legal to carry here.

    Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK

    In conclusion:
    He will not of been expecting it and have no idea what might of just happened, and probably be more scared and ready to run off, than you!

    Furthermore I feel it is definitely a ‘must have’ item and without doubt, one of the best parts is the red coloured gel remains on the attacker, therefore making them instantly recognisable to the police and as a potential threat.

    I like this Legal Pepper Spray for the UK very much and have made quite sure I have several for my family to carry – especially as they are both cheap and effective, and completely legal to carry.

    One important thing to consider:

    It will not drop an attacker or render him useless, you will not see him rolling around on the floor in agony. There is nothing we can legally use that will do that!

    BUT, what is does do is give is precious seconds to make an escape while he is temporally blinded, disorientated and unable to see you.

    If he cant see you, he cant attack you!

    UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

    Do you even need a method of self defence in the UK.?

     Here’s some of the latest figures and statistics from the governments own information website, The Office of National Statistics, For some more information on this, see my article – self defence in the UK

    Additionally I have found out a couple of legal points regarding the Spray – please read before you buy:

    • This spray is only legal in UK mainland and wont be shipped outside of the UK mainland
    • There are some concerns as to whether it is legal to ‘use’ in Northern Ireland.- you can own the spray but you may possibly be breaking the Northern Ireland laws if you ‘use’ it..

    In conclusion,  as an Alternative UK Legal Pepper Spray for self defence this product ticks all the boxes and is something to consider for all the family, especially as it is effective and easy to use.

    See the full video of me testing out this criminal identifier spray on myself.

    I review and test out the spray on myself to see how it performs.
    To show how it can be used and its effectiveness.

    Even trying to wash it off straight away wouldn’t shift it…!

    UK legal Pepper Spray Alternative

    Safehaus Spray should be used in an emergency situation only.
    UKpreppersGuide  accepts no liability or responsibility for improper use of any kind or possession of this product.
    UK Sales only.

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